Hey there, we are the Carrera family!

They Really Live

A little about us…

In 2017 we moved to a small town in Western Tennessee after spending almost a decade in Interior Alaska. We live in a modest home with a gorgeous backyard and a stocked pond. When we are not off exploring the world, we love our life at home. Our days are filled with adventure, fishing, kid activities, work, and a lot of laughter.

Meet the Carreras - Backyard


Why They Really Live?

They Really Live is a phrase that holds deep meaning for our family. It is everything we want from life. We want to show our children how to live with no regrets and no fear. We want to live in a way that when others describe us, they say “They Really Live.” 

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist. -Oscar WildeClick To Tweet


What will you find here?

They Really Live! is a space for inspiration.. only positivity here. We want to inspire other families to live their best life and we are here to provide a little guidance. I will share our travel stories, travel tips, kid activities, hacks for managing mom life on-the-go, and products/brands we love, of course. 💕 


Meet the fam…

Meet the Carreras - Courtney CarreraMeet Courtney!

That’s me! The curator of this ship. I am a wife, mom of 2, and caffeine addict. I have a love for real estate, HGTV, and searching for/planning our next adventure. You can normally find me working away at the computer as a Virtual Assistant for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and CEOs. We enjoy the flexible schedule my work provides and it really supports the on-the-go lifestyle we love. [Shameless plug: If you are looking to hire a VA, please check out my webpage.] Being able to work from anywhere has been a blessing for us. It’s Amazing! Now, I am looking forward to creating and sharing our family adventures and life with you. 


Meet the Carreras - Rodolfo Carrera

Meet Rodolfo!

Rodolfo is an avid outdoorsman and has been all over the world pursuing his passion. He is an Air Force Veteran and is currently a civilian Fire Fighter. Work hard, Play harder is definitely in his blood and he is the force that drives us. When not at work, you can find him in the woods (wearing crocs), drinking Arnie Palmers, out at the pond, or coordinating epic Nerf wars with Javier. 


Meet the Carreras - Javier CarreraMeet Javier!

Javier is an inquisitive 6-year-old who knows everything about anything. He loves creatures big and small and is a very kind spirit. His latest obsessions are YouTube, Minecraft, hanging out with Dad, and Chuck Norris. He is our resident expert on everything and I have no doubt that he will do big things in this world. You can follow his adventures on Instagram or on his YouTube channel (coming soon).


Meet the Carreras - Emmi CarreraMeet Emmi!

Emmi is a free spirited 5-year-old who has an incredible imagination. She loves unicorns, flamingos, foxes, rainbows, and anything soft. Her latest obsessions are Minecraft, dance, reading stories with Mom, and My Little Ponies. She is often found singing the latest Disney soundtrack or playing with her many animal friends. You can follow her adventures on Instagram.