10 Tips You NEED to Know Before Heading to Legoland Florida

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We were fortunate to find super cheap tickets to Orlando for Spring Break and we spent 2 days at Legoland while we were there. My kids, who were 4 and 6 at the time of our visit, absolutely loved it. Compared to Disney, the lines were minimal and the overall experience was Great! Check out this list of my top 10 Tips you NEED to know before heading to Legoland  Florida to ensure you have a great time too!

10 Tips You Need to Know Before Heading to Legoland Florida

Legoland Florida is located about an hour from either Tampa or Orlando. When planning your visit considering staying at the Legoland Resort or a nearby hotel.


Avoid standing in the ticket line by purchasing your tickets online and printing them at home. This will save you money as ticket prices are considerably lower online. *Tip: Save additional money by paying for your parking online as well.



On both days of our visit, we arrived 30-45 minutes prior to the park opening and this was perfect. We were able to beat the crowd, use the restroom without a line, take pictures, and map out our first rides. Plus, it was also fun to talk to the other families in line. Find park hours here!



Review the park map and plan which rides you want to ride first. My suggestions would be the Ford Driving School, Coastersaurus, and Chima. Thanks to us arriving early, we were some of the first patrons in the park. Day one we boogied to the Ford driving school first and it paid off with absolutely no wait time. Day two we went to Coastersaurus first and rode the roller coaster 3 times in a row due to no lines. It was great. 



When planning your park strategy for the day, don't forget about the shows & 4D movies! These provide a nice break to your day and are very entertaining. I suggest Pirate's Cove Live Water Ski show as a must-see. The whole family will enjoy.



Bring snacks, water, hats, sunscreen, anything to help you beat the Flordia heat. We stored ours in the waterpark lockers so we wouldn't have to carry a heavy bag all day.



Inside the waterpark, they provide lockers for a small fee. Utilize these! Explore the park and have fun worry-free. The waterpark is located at the back of the park so make sure you plan your day accordingly.



Have a child with food allergies or maybe you're not sure if your kiddo is tall enough for some of the rides. Stop at guest services, located just inside the park gate. Guest services can get you the information you need about allergies and food available in the park. They can also officially measure your child and provide them with a color-coded wristband. All of the rides are color-coded so your kiddo can match their wristband to the ride sign to know instantly if they are tall enough to ride.



Legoland Florida has a mini figure trading program, which is so fun! Bring your own mini figures from home to trade or you can purchase them at the park for $$. To trade, simply find a Model Citizen (Legoland workers) with mini figures attached to their name tag and ask them to trade. Trade as little or much as you want. My kids couldn't get enough of this!



Throughout the park, there will be multiple shops and opportunities to purchase Lego sets and gifts. Make use of Legoland's package pick-up, so you don't have to haul your loot through the park all day. A Model Citizen will be able to set this up for you.



Even if you are not staying at the Legoland Resort don't forget to check it out. Your kids will love playing in the lobby which includes a large lego pit and indoor play center.



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